I’m spoilt for choice. Why choose Copio?

Offering an affordable, practical, scalable, silent and powerful backup and restore solution, Copio enables a host of functionality that simply doesn’t exist elsewhere.

Dangers are lurking

None of us know quite when data loss will occur. From a dropped tablet, a hacked or virus hit desktop thru to a stolen laptop from a team offsite day, we just don’t know when or where the next incident will occur.

From selective to sweeping

Combining either full and granular backup of folders, files, email, calendars and Office365 services to local storage, our cloud, or your own cloud location, the ease-of-use, customisation options and security efficiencies make Copio stand out from the crowd.

Giving the power back to the people

With the ability to restore anything from single files thru to whole mailboxes, the capability to locate data via search filters and keywords, and the options to select specific backup dates from the chronologically ordered versions, there is no better way to re-access lost data.

Silent, scalable

By delivering automated and on-demand back-up, a centralised dashboard allows a single tech to manage anything from 100 to 100,000 users. The ability to set your own compaction dates and retention policies give the perfect combination of necessity and customisation.

And secure

By using military grade (AES-256) encryption on backup, transfers and restores, you can be certain that you are meeting compliance and audit requirements, reducing the downtime of your teams and ultimately easing the burden on your IT help-desk.

Increase productivity, today

There are only so many hours in the day, people on your team and dollars in your budget so making the right choice in real-time, automated endpoint backup and restore is a critical decision that could have a wide-sweeping impact.

Reduce burden on your IT teams. Empower your teams to restore their own files.

One dashboard. One clever piece of kit.

Copio allows a dedicated tech to check the status of backups, set profiles defining the backup and replication schedule, trigger ad-hoc backups at times of high-risk, set exclusion filters (such as .exe) to prevent wasted or corrupted files cluttering the backup archive, or slowing your network upload speeds, and tailor access and restore options for single-users thru to whole departments.

Don’t look back in anger

Meet compliance requirements, enjoy robust security architecture, client-side encryption, real-time reporting and full, unparalleled customisation today by choosing Copio. Don’t wait until it’s too late – act now and backup today.