How it works

Achieving the outstanding level of data-loss protection that Copio offers is no mean feat. From the centralized dashboard, the silent end-user application thru the latest in high-grade file security, each aspect of Copio is designed specifically to achieve the ultimate peace of mind for users and IT-teams.

What’s the setup?

It’s easy.

I’m the admin. What can I do?

As the administrator of the Copio backup setup, you can fully control the environment.

From enforcing data policies, specifying backup scheduling, adjusting backup settings across multiple devices thru to visualizing the use of data across the network used for backup. Simply put, you’ll know who had how much data, when, and where it moved to. You don’t get much better insight that that!

Caution. Heavy load.

Not in this case.

Copio compresses and encrypts everything that passes through it, ensuring minimal network usage and ultimate security. With unlimited data retention, pinpoint accuracy in finding lost files, and full data storage location control, you no longer need to worry about files being re-written or lost again.

My heads in the cloud

By connecting to our, or your own cloud service, you have the added benefit of restoring access from anywhere. Great for those times a laptop gets lost on a business trip abroad, or when you’re at a conference, your PC turns blue and you need to find those critical files to present. With features like these you’ll soon be wondering how you ever managed without Copio.

Keep your personal data safe, secure and sophisticatedly scrambled